Vladimir Zhigulin ................................ RUSSIA

Surname: Zhigulin
Name: Vladimir
Date of birth: 04.21.1954
Place of birth: Ufa, Bashkir Republik, Russia
Education: 1966-1970 Secondary Art School, Ufa


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oil, canvas, 1995

The Stream

"The Stream"
oil, canvas, 98x75, 1997

1973-1986 Underground art exhibitions, Ufa, St.Petersburg

1987-1989 Exhibitions:

  • St.Petersburg, Russia
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Washington, DC, U.S.A.
  • France
  • Germany

1988 Auction, gallery "Koller", Zurich, Munich

1989 Auction, gallery "Striebig", Wien, Austria

1991 Exhibition:

  • "Gallery d'Art Contemporain a Rouen", France
  • exhibition in culturasl center "De Jean Zabucoveca", Havre, France
  • exhibition in Saint German des Angles dans f'Eure, Lyons, Sotteville-France, Normandy

1992-1996 Deep crisis in creative work

1997 Exhibition in hotel "Pulkovskaya" (St.Petersburg, Russia)

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KOLOMNA gallery
A good number' paintings are bought by private collections
from the USA, France (one belonging to princess Toropova),
Switzeland, Germany, Japan, "Virilis Insurance Company"
collection (St.Peterburg, Russia).

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