Nugsar Kachiani ................................ RUSSIA

Surname: Kachiani
Name: Nugsar
Date of birth: 01.24.1952
Place of birth: Poty, Georgia
Education: 1968-1970 Secondary Art School, Tbilisi
1981-1986 studied in Mukhina high Art School as an industrial designer


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"Landscape" , oil, canvas, 1996

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"Colored trees" , oil, canvas, 1997

1987 exhibition of Georgian artists in Ethnography museum, , St.Petersburg, Russia

1989 exhibition of St.Petersburg's artists in "Lenexpo", St.Petersburg

1990 exhibition in "Palitra" gallery "To the memory of Van Gogh"

1991 gallery's festival in the exhibition hall "Manezh", St.Petersburg

1992 exhibition in "Tinatin" gallery, Berlin
exhibition in Athen, Greece 1993 Winner of "Zarskoe Selo" prises, St.Petersburg
participator of "Jeans festival", St.Petersburg

1994 One-man-show in "Palitra" gallery, St.Petersburg

1995 exhibition in studio "H", Thurlingen, Germany

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KOLOMNA gallery
Many of his paintings are in private collections in Germany, Japan, France, Greece, Italy, England, Poland, Russia and in the collections of Russian banks

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